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Who we are, where we`ve been.

Trading since 2012, Home Vintage has grown from working out of a small garage to occupying a large warehouse store in the busy seaside town of Bude.

Filled with a constantly changing collection of retro and vintage, mid century, Danish, Art Deco, and industrial furniture, and as many quirky & interesting items for the home as we can get our hands on.

Treading lightly.

Our basic business model is to recycle anyway....

What could be more ecologically sound than to find a beautifully made item which has already survived for over 60 years and using it every day it in your home, instead of buying something brand new with a massive carbon footprint which will become landfill in a couple of years?  But we are also committed to finding sustainable ways to trade without adding to the existing problem.

As a business based in a coastal town, we are constantly reminded of the beauty of our natural environment, but also the impact of human activities on the planet.    So hopefully you can shop with a lighter conscience.

What it`s all about.

Many items are so well made that they stay useful and beautiful as they age, while others wear their age with pride; acquiring character and interest with every knock and mark.

But some of our items have had a hard life and could do with a little cheering up, so we like to give you the opportunity to do that in the way which suits you best.  Our furniture gets a light clean and not a lot else which means we keep costs down for you and open up all sorts of possibilities to bring new life to your furniture, either with paint, fabric or just a piece of sandpaper!

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